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Our Services

Services include everything from basic trimming and removal of branches, to more
complex services like removal of dangerous, hazardous, dead, and sick trees.
We also conduct leaves and snow removal.

Emergency Storm Cleanup

All calls and emails are returned promptly.

Trimming & Shaping

Keeping your trees healthy is very important; for, all plants and trees need regular attention. Our professional pruning services include:

  • 1. Promoting aesthetic appeal to your home.
  • 2. Trimming back any limbs hanging over your roof to avoid damage.
  • 3. Removal of growth over your driveway and pathways.
  • 4. Removal of dead, diseased and damaged limbs.
  • 5. Promote growth.
  • 6. Increase sunlight.
  • 7. Remove any safety concerns
  • 8. Trim and shape bushes.

Tree Removal

Our professional team is equipped and licensed to handle any kind of tree removal safely and efficiently. We also conduct stump grinding; which, includes chip cleaning.

We Are Figuemax

We Provide Expert Tree Service.

Fully Insured

We deliver high level of safety and quality work; while simultaneously operating at maximum efficiency. Associates are well trained and we insure comprehensive customer service and a positive work environment.

We are a locally owned company and we take pride in our attention to detail and safety. Our staff are constantly training with years of experience and we are like family.

Client Feedback

Comments from some of our happy customers.